Our story

Who are we?

Researchers from different disciplines trying to make true your dreams

Mahan Caspian Javed Co. Ltd. (MCJ) is a marine biotechnology-oriented company with an ethical commitment to offer natural, healthy and effective products. Actually, we are not business persons in cosmetic and food industry. We bring together researchers from different disciplines including biochemists, biotechnologists, marine biologist and processes engineers to say we can do what you want.

Green sea is the main ideas and the foundation of our innovations. Marine green microalgae, as a great raw material of the highest quality, are used using in our innovative ingredients of the products. Microalgae are as old as life of the earth and the base of the life development of our planet. These microorganisms have the potential to become as a main pillar for feeding and healthcare in the future of humanity world.  

We are here to develop know-how of new knowledge-based biotech food and cosmetics products from green sea.